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What is the Future of Medical Device Manufacturing?

As people get older, history proves they will require more medical care. That has critical implications for the medical device industry, since Baby Boomers began crossing into the “65 and older” category in 2011. According to US Census Bureau projections, the number of Americans who are 65 and older will double to 88.5 million between 2010 and 2050.

Yet despite the increasing demand incurred by aging Baby Boomers, research shows that the medical device industry has been negatively affected by the recent global economic crisis, as well as healthcare reform measures aimed at cost containment.

In order to maintain a heightened state of readiness and be competitive medical device companies must rely more heavily on IT solutions. With next-generation ERP systems that include the newest analytics and tools for collaboration, you can meet Baby Boomer demand while controlling costs.

Download “The future of medical device manufacturing: Meet Baby Boomer demand while controlling costs” for a detailed look at the challenges ahead and insight into how technology can give your firm a competitive advantage.

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