Lyco Manufacturing Success Story

For over thirty years, Lyco Manufacturing has been a world-leading manufacturer of commercial cooking and cooling, liquid/solid separation, root crop preparation, and snap bean equipment for food processors. Lyco’s food processing equipment is at work with virtually every leading food processor in North America and many around the world. State-of-the-art metal manufacturing lasers, precision press brakes, and robot welders enhance the quality and reduce the cost of products made in the food and fabrication divisions of the company. Founded in 1980 by the owner and Chairman of the Board, David R. Zittel, Lyco Manufacturing is housed in a state-of-the-art 80,000 square-foot facility located in Columbus, WI (30 miles northeast of Madison, WI, USA).

The Partnership

Guardian Business Solutions installed its ShopTalk color touch screen and voice enabled terminals at Lyco. The ShopTalk shop floor terminal records personnel, job, machine quantity, part and quality data as well as provides employees with a touchscreen kiosk for retrieving and viewing shop floor resource information such as process sheets, CAD drawings, pictures and set up information.

The ShopTalk system supports a wireless or hardwired Ethernet interface, allowing it to be integrated into existing infrastructures. This Windows-based PC application is provided on 10.4, 12 or 15-inch touchscreen computers and wearable computers which let production workers and management interact with virtually any ERP and CAD solution.

Lyco’s ShopTalk terminals are mounted on movable carts to meet the needs of their flexible and ever changing work centers. Since the ShopTalk units are wireless and have battery backup they can be moved and continually accessed without the need to shut down the systems.

The ShopTalk voice enabled terminals are multi-lingual and accept data from multiple sources. For recording production and labor data, the terminal can accept several different types of data entry; including speech recognition, touch screen, swipe readers, bar code scanners, magnetic stripe cards or data from an on screen keyboard.