Gardner Manufacturing Success Story

Gardner Manufacturing, located in Horicon, Wisconsin, has been in the sheet metal custom manufacturing business for over 80 years. The company serves such major industries as defense and aerospace, electronics, machine tool, transportation, pollution abatement and environmental control, printing, processing, construction, and material handling. It is known for custom high-quality precision products produced in small to moderate volumes with lead times of less than four weeks.


The Partnership

Guardian Business Solutions installed its ShopTalk color touch screen and voice enabled terminals at Gardner. The ShopTalk shop floor terminal records personnel, job, machine quantity, part and quality data as well as provides employees with a touchscreen kiosk for retrieving and viewing shop floor resource information such as process sheets, CAD drawings, pictures and set up information.

ShopTalk helped Gardner to cut lead times, reduce rework, increase employee satisfaction, and make them more competitive. They trained 100 employees in two shifts. Labor reporting errors were eliminated the first day of implementation.


How ShopTalk Helped

“ShopTalk is software that has been geared for the worker. It truly has opened up many opportunities for Gardner Manufacturing including speed and visibility. Also the accuracy of our Labor Reporting has greatly improved. With the ShopTalk software in place, it eliminates some of the responsibilities of our office staff, giving them more time to perform other tasks.”


Ease of Installation

“There was virtually no transition – we just went. The employees went through these changes – with NO COMPLAINTS.”