Apps For All Your Needs

With Guardian Business Solutions Mobilize-IT you finally have a collection of Enterprise Applications that enable manufacturing, distribution and field service companies to quickly deploy apps to mobile workers on Android devices that are securely connected to your business data.

Increase shop order visibility

Accurate labor tracking

Issue materials to jobs

Enhance inventory

View relevant drawings, notes, and documentation

Built in barcode scanning and speech recognition

Maximize Mobility

Mobilize-IT uses the latest smartphone app technology, runs on mobile android devices and provides advanced features at a lower purchase cost per worker than Windows based systems. Easy to use touch screens, bar code scanning or voice recognition allow workers to quickly and easily access and collect data whether or not they are connected to the enterprise systems. Locally stored data, allows the app to be used on or off the network. When the application is connect to the networking, it automatically syncs providing you with real time data.

Centralized Control

Utilizing industry proven middleware technology, the server platform manages multiple mobile, native and web client applications that securely connect with a variety of back-end data sources to smart phone/tablet devices. The middleware also allows Mobilize-IT to interface with ERP systems, including ShopWorX, Epicor, Made2Manage, and Macola. Through the use of the Mobilize-IT Control Center the enterprise can easily manage and deploy secure mobile applications across their organizations at a lower cost than older technologies.

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Mobilize-IT Central Control

Creating Your Factory of the Future

With the rise of the Internet of Things, the world is going mobile. It is estimate that there will be 50 billion connected devices by 2030. Mobile applications are one of the top 3 tactics being deployed by factories of the future to improve performance. Competitive companies are embracing technology to stay ahead of the game. Mobilize-IT Application Suite works with every aspect of your business. It allows our customers to be more efficient, produce better quality products, and make their customers happy.


Customer Success Stories

“With the app the data is going into the system immediately. That part of it was a big plus and it saved literally 4-5 days from what physical inventory used to be.” -Ed Hewitt Gardner Manufacturing

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