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10 Steps to Selecting an ERP Solution

The companies that skipped these steps – or fell for a compelling sales pitch or pricing offer – paid four to ten times the cost of the ERP in additional costs over the next few years.

Rise of the Machines

The robots were coming in not to replace humans, and not just as a way to modernize, but also because reliable humans had become so hard to find. It was part of a labor shortage spreading across America, one that
economists said is stemming from so many things at once.

Plain talk about Infor CloudSuite security

When it comes to Cloud deployment, security is top of mind for all concerned. The Infor® CloudSuite team uses best-practice protocols and a thorough, continuous improvement approach that gives you both confidence and peace of mind.

Meet the Factory of the Future

Factory of the Future is coming, and it’s being built on technology, innovation, and advanced manufacturing capabilities. But what is it, exactly? And what are the technologies you need to know about to help your manufacturing company embrace the change?

Factory of the Future
is Here

The Factory of the Future isn’t some futuristic fantasy. It’s quickly becoming the new reality. And tech-savvy manufacturers are either on board or preparing for change.

Food and Beverage

Better Baked Foods

“With [Infor CloudSuite Industrial], we integrated all of our disparate systems into one application and made it easier for our employees and executives to get the data that they need.”

—Brad Harrison, IT Manager,Better Baked Foods

Infor Food and Beverage Brochure

Infor CloudSuite Food & Beverage—the right ingredients for efficiency and growth
• Forecasting and demand planning, down to hours and minutes
• Production planning and scheduling
• Tracking and traceability
• Integrated quality management
• Recipe and least cost formulation
• Labeling support for nutritional information, ingredients, and allergens

Infor Food and Beverage Overview

There is no other food and beverage cloud solution that offers complete end-to-end functionality built specifically for the needs of food and beverage companies.
Infor customers have gained agility, cost control, and greater efficiency with our food and beverage solution.

Infor Food and Beverage Essentials

“Infor Food & Beverage allowed us to deploy highly configurable and adaptable materials requirements planning (MRP), which is essential for our increased manufacturing capacities and efficiencies.”

—Zelko Erdec, General Manager of Information
Technoloy, Patties Foods

10 ways to make analytics more useful and consumable

Executives at many leading food and beverage companies cite analytics as a lynchpin that helps keep their strategic decision-making on the right course, especially as it relates to customer insight, brand and product management, and pricing decisions; yet in a study by KPMG, 47% of these same execs rate their analytics capabilities as average—or below average.

Infor Food and Beverage
for Ingredient Manufacturers

Efficiently manufacturing food ingredients means being able to control the specifications and formulas for a large number of SKUs, while also being able to track all of your raw ingredients back to their source. From
labeling to operating your production facilities, being a food ingredients manufacturer means executing on complex tasks with total accuracy—every time.

10 things food ingredient manufacturers can do to increase market share

Because the success of your customers depends on innovation and your ability to deliver the exact product they ordered, your business needs to be a leader in agility and continuous improvement.

What drives formula agility for food ingredients?

How can you maintain operational efficiency while optimizing your formulas?

Infor Food and Beverage
for the Beverage Industry

You can’t meet the unique needs of the beverage industry with generic software that treats all industries equally. At Infor, we understand that the beverage industry isn’t like any other industry. So, we’ve created software that’s tailored to the specific needs of this industry. We believe that one size fits one.

Infor Food and Beverage
for the Dairy Industry

Dairies like yours differ greatly from each other in many ways. You may produce a variety of products specific to the tastes and preferences of your region. The sizes and volumes of many of the products you process may
depend on seasonal changes in your area or your individual production capabilities. Even your operational processes may make you unique.

Infor Cloudsuite Industrial for Process Manufacturers

Food, beverage, chemical and life science manufacturers like you have unique requirements when it comes to your manufacturing operations. The Infor CloudSuite™ Industrial Industry Pack – Process makes it easy to adjust formulas, build batches based on exacting manufacturing specifications, and monitor and respond to the evolving regulatory environment.

ERP Solutions

CloudSuite Demo

Infor CloudSuite Industrial is an advanced, highly felexibile ERP solution.

Infor CloudSuite Industrial Solution Summary

Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine)—This end-to-end solution provides comprehensive functionality that addresses your business and operational challenges regardless of your process mode, from make-to-stock (MTS) to engineer-to-order (ETO).

Infor CloudSuite Industrial Spec Sheet

Functionality in the Core ERP On-Prem System plus Optional SyteLine Applications.

Metcam Case Study

By implementing Infor SyteLine, Metcam was able to reduce inventory by 50%.

“There are many reasons we’d make this selection again. We’re happy for chosing Infor Syteline.”

–Bruce A. Hagenau
President, Metcam

Infor Cloudsuite Industrial Machinery

Manufacturers of industrial machinery and equipment operate in an increasingly uncertain world characterized by less customer loyalty, greater margin pressure, shorter product lifecycles, and expanding communication channels. To achieve profitable growth you need technology
like Infor CloudSuite™ IndustrialMachinery.

5 Ways to Improve Plant Floor Productivity

Food, beverage, chemical and life science manufacturers like you have unique requirements when it comes to your manufacturing operations. The Infor CloudSuite™ Industrial Industry Pack – Process makes it easy to adjust formulas, build batches based on exacting manufacturing specifications, and monitor and respond to the evolving regulatory environment.

Metal Fabrication

Infor Manufacturing Brochure

“What we have now with Infor is a vastly different solution, which gives us an accurate view of the
whole business and access to information that helps us serve our customers better.”

—David Hawes, Manager,
Carlton Taylor Industries

Infor Industrial Manufacturing

Infor® Industrial Manufacturing solutions are purpose built to manage the complete manufacturing operation, from financials and strategic planning to shop floor management, quality control, and scheduling. With over 20,000 manufacturing customers worldwide, Infor has proven expertise in the specialized world of plants, factories, and fabrication shops. We offer a microvertical focus for: metal fabrication and plastics fabrication; medical devices; furniture and fixtures; lumber and wood; printing, publishing, and packaging; stone, clay, glass, and concrete; and primary metals, and others.

Infor Industrial Manufacturing for Metal Fabricators

Metal fabricators are constantly trying to find ways to drive costs out of production in order to maximize profit
margins. This goal, however, is made more difficult by fluctuating raw material costs, variable metal prices, rising energy and transportation costs, and reduced consumer discretionary spending.

Top 5 Ways to Meet Customer Demands

With big dollars on the line, there’s no room for mistakes, failures, or delays. To successfully meet customers’
expectations in this complex environment, IM&E manufacturers need to have the right systems in place.
Let’s take a look at five key ways that IM&E manufacturers can better meet their customers’ needs.

Service Management

Service Management Overview

“This software is a powerful tool that allows us to integrate our data and processes into one seamless operation. We have increased our productivity 100%.”

——Raymond J. Klouda, President,
Elite Electronic Engineering

Medical Device and Instrument

The Future of Medical
Device Manufacturing

With next-generation ERP systems that include the newest analytics and tools for collaboration, you can meet Baby Boomer demand while controlling costs.


MobilizeIT_Spec Sheet

Mobilize›-IT is a collection of Enterprise Applications that enable manufacturing, distribution and field service companies to quickly deploy applications to mobile workers on smart phones/tablets that are securely connected to their business data

Maximize Mobility

Mobilize-IT uses the latest smartphone app technology, runs on mobile android devices and provides advanced features at a lower purchase cost per worker than Windows based systems. Easy to use touch screens, bar code scanning or voice recognition allow workers to quickly and easily access and collect data whether or not they are connected to the enterprise systems.

Quality Inspection
Capture Spec Sheet

Quality Inspection Capture is an enterprise app that supports PPAP reporting by capturing quality and inspection data. The initial inspection requirements are set up in a web app on the MobilizeIT middleware/app server and merged with the existing part and operation data from the customers ERP system (job, operation, part number, description, tool, specs, previous sample data).

Inventory Count
Spec Sheet

Inventory Count is an inventory control app that supports system directed cycle counting and system or
user directed physical counting created by the enterprise system (ERP, WMS). It eliminates the need for paper count sheets with virtual inventory tags on a smartphone or tablet to make counting parts fast and easy.

Inventory Transfer
Spec Sheet

Inventory Transfer is an enterprise app that offers workers a way to easily move and track inventory from one bin location to another or from one warehouse to another.
The app can be used to put away materials that have either been received or have gone through inspection. Using the easy-to-read screen, the material handler can view what needs to be put away and identify an item’s home bin location, as well as other sites if needed to consolidate inventory for more efficient storage.

Time Reporting Plus
Spec Sheet

Time Reporting Plus allows workers to enter and track machine and/or employee time, quantity produced, scrap quantity, scrap code and more. It eliminates the need for printing paper by making shop order information instantly available on a smartphone or tablet. Work orders can be color coded by priority and workers are alerted when they are approaching or go over their allotted time for production.

Paperless Shop Packet
Spec Sheet

Paperless Shop Packet in an enterprise app that allows workers to display shop order information on low cost smartphones or tablets. Routings, parts, drawings, quality info, setup instructions, video clips and pictures are listed by order number or part and immediately available for display.