Machinery and Equipment

Solutions for IM&E manufacturers of any size or complexity

Effectively manage complex value chains, fast-paced program launches, and MRO service operations with Infor® solutions for industrial machinery and equipment (IM&E) manufacturers.

  • Manage complex supply chain processes.
  • Gain control over engineering change management.
  • Meet regulatory requirements and customer demands.
  • Design and build more innovative products.
  • Streamline new product design, innovation, and introduction.
  • Shorten cycle times.
  • Improve service management and create new business opportunities.
  • Take advantage of support for multiple manufacturing modes, including ATO, MTO, CTO, ETO, MTS, and JIT.

Infor CloudSuite Industrial Machinery and Equipment

Infor CloudSuite Industrial Machinery brochure


Advanced functionality purpose-built for the specialized world of plants, factories, and fabrication shops.

Infor CloudSuite Industrial Machinery handbook


Deep capabilities in global finance, product design and configuration, project management, quality control, and more.

Brave New World for Machinery Makers


Global competition, rising customer demands, and new business models pose challenges.

Why Cloud Deployments Power Industrial Machinery

Global Visibility

Infor CloudSuite Industrial Machinery offers global operational visibility, and comes complete with easy-to-use collaboration and analysis tools that can help your team make better decisions faster—exactly when and where they’re needed.

Low Deployment Costs

Cloud deployment also means you can expand to other plants and locations without extensive IT costs. Deployment is generally quicker than with on-premise solutions, typically taking weeks rather months.

Easier IT Maintenance

The highly flexible architecture allows you to add solutions as needed, without having to modify the core code. Your business will stay safe and forever modern—always equipped with the latest software, without having to manage upgrades or expensive new hardware.

Scalability with Lower TCO

The monthly subscription model of cloud deployment frees up working capital, so that you can continue to invest in strategic initiatives, emerging technologies, and specialized solutions.