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Creating Fanatical Fans of Your Brand – A Proven Inside-out Approach That Leads to Productive Employees and Referral-generating Customers

Today’s reality is you’ve got two groups of customers to keep happy – your employees and your buyers.It’s proven that unmotivated employees result in unhappy customers. In this session, discover practical insights based on real-life case studies of what to do to ensure your company wins BIG on both fronts. The result is more new business and sustainable growth.
Bridget Lazlo – Guardian Business Solutions, Inc.

The Hidden Profitability Killer: The Impact of Inventory Accuracy on Sales, Profits and Acquisition Valuation

This session starts with the basics of inventory management including what costs are tied to inventory, and why accuracy of the inventory is so mission critical. Discover the importance of implementing a cycle count program – and how cycle counting can enable your company to improve customer service, insure a more efficient operation, reduce inventory levels, achieve a higher return on your investment, eliminate physical inventories and save time in just about every department in your organization.
Bridget Lazlo – Guardian Business Solutions, Inc.

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