Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) Specs

Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) Functionality


  • Quote generation and cost/profit analysis
  • Engineering sandbox development
  • What-if scheduling and promise date calculation
  • Product configuration with prompted features/options
  • Available-to-Promise date calculation
  • Automatic pricing based on contract, matrix, or formula

Sales & Customer Service

  • Customer Order entry
  • CRM-Contacts, Opptys, Campaigns, Tasks, Outlook integration
  • Automatic credit checking with customer or order hold
  • Soft and hard allocation of inventory to customer order
  • Automatic logging of changes to Customer Orders
  • Return Material Authorizations, warranty tracking
  • Credit request processing
  • Order deposit processing
  • Progress (milestone) billing and revenue recognition
  • 3 Tier Customers (Corporate, Bill-to, Ship-to)
  • Blanket orders with multiple release dates
  • Ship Early/Partial processing

Multi-Entry, Multi-Plant, Multi-Warehouse

  • Inter-site transfers with transfer pricing
  • Inter-site material planning
  • Multi-site manufacturing and allocations
  • Flexible financial consolidation and eliminations
  • Due-toDue-From accounting
  • Inventory visibility across sites
  • Centralized databases or decentralized with replication
  • Divisions with common or unique chart-of-accounts
  • Divisions operate in any currency

Project Costing and Control

  • Integrated with manufacturing, purchasing, accounts payable, order entry, inventory, and payroll
  • User defined cost categories and GL accounting
  • Multi-level percent-to-complete analysis
  • Flexible revenue and cost recognition
  • Milestone billing, cost plus billing, rate billing, retention
  • Microsoft Project interface
  • Work Breakdown Structures costing across multiple projects

Production Management and Engineering

  • Support of Jobs, Production Schedules, JITKanban, Projects
  • Scheduling..Infinite/finite, backward orward, globaljob, considers priorities, overlapping operations, bottleneck work-centers, o/s operations, maintenance, non-stock materials
  • Capacity Requirements Planning (machine and crew based)
  • Dispatching, including sequencing of like-kind operations
  • Master Production Scheduling
  • Co/By Products, different items produced from single job
  • Labor tracking and analysis by job or work-center
  • Flexible costing — actual, standard, specific, period-based
  • Overhead costing based on material, labor or machine time
  • Costing by item or job in 5 cost buckets, thru all levels to GL
  • Outsourcing, sub-contract processing and tracking
  • Flexible back-flushing of material, labor, and overhead

Quality Management

  • Engineering Change approval, tracking of revision history
  • Vendor performance and lead time history by item
  • Scrap reporting and analysis
  • Lot/serial tracking
  • Return to vendor and credit processing
  • Reason codes and analysis for all quality transactions..customer, vendor, manufacturing, MRB, RMA

Inventory, Purchasing, and Material Management

  • Unit of measure conversion - by item, by vendor
  • Phantom items, Planning BOM’s
  • Back-flushing, front-flushing, prompted material issues
  • Physical inventory with freeze and cycle counting
  • Advanced MRP with real-time allocations and planning
  • Vendor quotation tracking
  • Planners Workbench — mass creation and release of PO’s and Jobs
  • Purchase Orders - blanket releases, change orders, drop ship, status
  • Approved vendor list, vendor ranking by item with statistics
  • Landed costing of inventory receipts allocating taxes, freight, etc
  • Multi-location transfers, in-transit tracking and receipt reconciliation
  • “Slow-moving” and “Obsolete” items identification and management


  • Pick list, Packing List, Bill of Lading
  • Delivery Orders for consolidation of order shippinginvoicing
  • Goods Received Notices, consolidate PO’s for receipt ouchering
  • Available-to-ship analysis
  • Multiple warehouses and multiple warehouse locations
  • Temporary and permanent item locations
  • Special instruction processing Lot/serial tracking

Financial Management

  • Flexible chart of accounts structure with table driven segments
  • Export results of a query to Excel or other standard file types
  • Drill down from financial statements to source documents
  • Flexible Financial Statement designer, interface to FRx
  • Budget generation, multiple budgets, multiple years
  • Recurring and reversing journal entries
  • General Ledger, Account Payable, & Accounts Receivable
  • Receivables collection management, dunning notices
  • Aging reporting with drill down to source documents
  • Payables disbursement planning
  • Customer credit history analysis
  • Centralized or decentralized AR and AP with inter-company acctg.


  • Currency formatting in 0-8 decimals
  • Multi-currency transactions
  • Multi-language
  • Consolidation of financial statements with multiple currencies
  • Calculating and recording of currency gains and losses
  • Letters of credit, customer and vendor
  • VAT with Voucher Pre-Register
  • Fixed rater of exchange for specific sales or purchases
  • Multinational taxation

Human Resources

  • Payroll processing
  • Direct deposit processing
  • Position and applicant tracking
  • Benefits management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Training and certifications tracking
  • Vacation and sick leave tracking
  • Performance and position history
  • Interface to external payroll systems, including ADP

Workflow Automation, Alerts, XML

  • Rules based routing of information & attachments
  • Allows for suspending the posting of a transaction until approved
  • Entry of data in a e-mail form that is validated then posted to system
  • Collaboration and document exchange with customers and suppliers

Optional CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) Applications

Infor Factory Track

  • Data collection screens for reading of bar codes for Inventory transactions: Cycle Counting, Physical Inventory, Shipping, Receiving, Transfers, Job Issues.
  • Ability to generate bar coded shippers, receivers, work orders, labels, etc.
  • Supports all three types of commonly used collection methods: Store & Forward, Wedge, and Radio Frequency.
  • Store & Forward uses portable readers that capture and store information until the reader is placed back in its cradle, at which time it transmits it's contents in batch mode.
  • Wedge uses a wand reader, attached to a PC running Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine). When data is read it is immediately validated and checked for error, then posted in CloudSuite Industrial in real-time.
  • RF reads transactions through the use of portable radio frequency equipment. This offers the on-line, real-time validation of the Wedge method with the portability of the Store & Forward method. RF device screens and fields can be configured to the needs of individual users.

Infor Time Track

  • Data collection screens for reading of bar codes (or touch screen) for Time, Attendance, and Shop transactions including: Clock In/Clock Out, Lunch In/Lunch Out, Job In/Out, Indirect time, Machine time, Job movement, Job completions. Records Job Number, Employee, Operation, Start/End Times, Set Up & Run Times, Produced & Scrapped quantities.
  • Time and Attendance information flows directly into SyteLine Payroll or ADP.
  • Real-time capture and validation of all employee time eliminates manual reconciliation of time cards with job cards.
  • Validation of time against live CloudSuite Industrial data eliminates most operator errors and helps ensure precise job costing.
  • Employee skills validation only allows workers to log into operations they are certified on.
  • Online Visual Dispatch shows each worker exactly what to work on next. Eliminates waiting for paperwork or looking for a manager for direction. Provides real-time visibility of Work Order status for all employees.
  • Rules based data collection.. ex: allows charging machine time to attended or unattended operations, allows paying employees different pay rates for work at different work centers, etc.
  • Multi-Machine allows an employee to run one or many machines with ability to startstop individual jobs and machines.
  • Multi-Job allows an employee to run a single machine running multiple jobs at the same time or in rapid succession.
  • Team Transaction to transition an entire team from one job to another. Members can join or leave the team at any time.
  • Employee profiles can be customized to limit the types of transactions available to the employee.
  • Optional Doc-Trak allows linked drawings, quality specs, notes, pictures, etc. to be displayed on the shop floor.

SyteLine DocTrak

  • Attach documents (Excel, Word, CAD files, scanned images, etc.) to CloudSuite Industrial screens.
  • "Intelligent attachment" (ex: item docs auto-attach to work order, customer docs auto-attach to customer order).
  • Document viewing available from related screens and integrated with Labr-Trak Shop Floor Labor Collection.
  • Allows a user to list, add, view, and print attachments from work center dispatch screen.
  • Ability to automatically print attachments when SyteLine Job Paperwork is printed.

SyteLine Business Intelligence

  • Multi-dimensional graphical data analysis and flexible reporting with easy graphing, subtotaling, sorting, filtering, and drill down to detail to help spot trends and hidden relationships.
  • Management score-carding with reporting and monitoring of Key Performance Indicators.
  • Integrated with CloudSuite Industrial and can consolidate information from other systems and applications.
  • Includes pre-build business analysis data marts that can be easily customized.

    • Sales, margin, and discounts by salesperson, product, product type, customer, customer type, territory.
    • On-time performance by product, product type, customer, customer type, salesperson, location.
    • Receivables aging by customer, customer type, region, or sales rep.
    • Order bookings in units and dollars by product, product type, and location.
    • General ledger activity by account, department, product line, project, location.
    • Inventory value and quantities by warehouse, product type, buyer, planner, source, ABC code.
    • Job, labor, setup and machine efficiency by job type, work center, department.
    • Production and scrap, units, and cost, by work center, department, job type, reason code.
    • Vendor purchases and on-time performance by vendor, vendor type, product, product type, warehouse.

Infor Product Configuration Management (PCM)

  • Advanced product configuration for creating BOM, routing, and pricing for more complex configuration than the basic features and options configuration in the core ERP system.
  • Ability to control virtually any attribute on quote, sales order or work order through a graphical, interactive, drag and drop interface where user simply responds to questions and prompted options.
  • Drag and drop graphical rule writing that allows complex calculations, excludes, includes, requires choice, sets value on, with multi-level configuration, text processing, and rules inheritance.
  • Automatic generation of user interface based on features and options, or ability to create a custom user interface.

SyteLine Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS)

  • Adds real time Capable-To-Promise date calculation in order entry, estimating, and forecasting that considers both material and finite capacity constraints with drill down to resource constraints and critical path.
  • Creates planned purchase orders and planned work orders by synchronizing both material availability and capacity constraints. This ensures that the production and material plan is realistic by considering the finite capacity resources and not jus the material availability and standard lead times.

Infor Field Service Management

  • Advanced service and repair management for companies requiring more functionality than the core ERP system.
  • Call center with incident tracking, incidents can be linked to RMA, CO, SRO.
  • Service/Repair order creation and tracking with ability to quote service work and track the actual costs.
  • Flexible billing methods &em Time & Materials, Fixed Price, Warranty, Project.
  • Searchable Knowledgebase of resolutions to previous issues, with reason codes, disposition codes, and extensive notes.
  • Ability to view the "As-Built" or "As-is" BOM of a unit and keep history of all repairs and component replacements.
  • Multi-level serial number and warranty tracking keeps record of components serial numbers and warranties.
  • Preventive maintenance scheduling and tracking, Service contract management and billing.
  • Warranty cost-tracking, reseller warranty reimbursement processing.
  • Technician/Resource scheduling based on skills and availability.
  • Expense tracking and reconciliation for service technicians.

SyteLine Quality Control Solution

  • Expands the quality management of CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) with modules for Supplier, In-rocess, and Customer.
  • Setup user defined inspection est plans that specify by item and vendor the data to be captured and the frequency.
  • Automatically prompts for the test and inspection data during entry of receiving, shipping, and work center transactions.
  • Recording of Non-Conformance and management of the review, corrective actions, and disposition processes.
  • Quick access to quality documents and drawings during entry of receiving, shipping, and work center transaction.
  • Yield ailure analysis based on user defined reason and disposition codes.
  • Capture quality data by batch, item, or serial number.
  • Equipment and gage tracking.
  • Vendor RMA processing and Vendor approval, status, and performance rating and reporting.
  • Material tags, nonconformance reports, corrective action reports, and cost of quality reports.

SytelLine Customer & Vendor Portals

  • Customer Orders (create new orders, calculate expected ship dates, check status of existing orders, specify drop-ships)
  • RMAs (create new RMA's and submit for approval).
  • Account Information (AR balances, maintain ship-to address information, maintain user information)
  • Outstanding Invoices (view and reprint Invoices)
  • Inventory (search or drill-down through categories to find pricing and availability)

SyteLine Forecasting

  • Creates forecasts statistically from historical trend, or, from collaboration with customers or salespeople.
  • Analyzes and graphs forecasts vs. history and item or item groupings.
  • Statically calculates Item Safety Stock (ROP) and Order Minimum (EOQ Lot Size) and sets slow-moving flag.
  • Updates MRP/APS plan based on allowable percentage changes during specified time fences.
  • Monitors the forecasts vs. actual demand and generates exception alerts.
  • Generates budget reports for revenue, material, and labor based on forecast.
  • Supports reorder point planning, application of statistical models to forecast sales or usage, group forecasting, roll-up of expected demand, and planning BOM forecasting based on historical usage percentages.
  • Supports the following forecasting models: moving average, horizontal with exponential smoothing, lumpy, trend, seasonal, trend-seasonal, user defined models, and automatic model selection based on best fit to historical behavior.