Guardian speaks at the FabTech Expo in Las Vegas

Creating Fanatical Fans of Your Brand – A Proven Inside-out Approach That Leads to Productive Employees and Referral-generating Customers Today’s reality is you’ve got two groups of customers to keep happy – your employees and your buyers.It’s proven that unmotivated employees result in unhappy customers. In this session, discover practical insights based on real-life case […]

How Do You Know How Much Inventory You Need?

There is increasing pressure on business to keep less inventory. But how do you know what to keep and how much to keep? In today’s episode of Guardian Talks, Bridget Lazlo explores one simple technique you can use to control your inventory and how it can make you money without costing you money. This technique […]

Is Your Plant Making One of these Three Biggest Mistakes?

Inventory is the biggest asset a company invests in outside of human capital. Thus, to succeed in today’s competitive culture, you need to be in control of your inventory. Bridget Lazlo has spent time in plants all around the world and in this episode, she discusses the top 3 biggest mistakes that she has seen […]

How Do You Attract and Maintain Talent?

The workforce is changing. That change makes it harder for manufacturing companies to attract and maintain talent. In this episode of Guardian Talks, Bridget Lazlo discuss some ways you can make your company appealing to the A-talent. In this episode you will discover: How to overcome the disadvantage of locations Ways to save money and […]

Congratulations to Colby Metal

Colby Metal, who has worked with Guardian Business Solutions, was nominated for Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year. We wish to congratulate them. Here is what they had to say about the nomination.

Infor Configure Price Quote Technology

As a manufacturer or distributor of highly configured products or solutions, you face a variety of business challenges, including shifting demands. Customers today expect an unprecedented level of customization— with prices and service to match. To be successful, you need to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your sales, manufacturing, engineering, and marketing. Infor’s Configure Price Quote technology gives you the tools […]

Guardian Business Solutions to Exhibit at 2015 Manufacturing First Expo & Conference

Guardian Business Solutions is excited to be exhibiting at the 5th annual Manufacturing First Expo and Conference in Green Bay, Wisconsin on October 21 & 22, 2015. With over 600 Wisconsin manufacturers attending, this event is designed for Wisconsin Manufacturers to showcase industry advances, highlight successes, announce the latest developments, and provide premier networking opportunities. Guardian […]

Which is More Secure Cloud-Based or On-Premise Deployments?

It seems as all types of software services are moving to the Cloud.  Many executives, however, are uncomfortable with the thought of their firms data being stored anywhere except on premise when in fact data stored in a Cloud environment today is more secure than it has ever been. Yet the question of security continues […]

What is the Future of Medical Device Manufacturing?

As people get older, history proves they will require more medical care. That has critical implications for the medical device industry, since Baby Boomers began crossing into the “65 and older” category in 2011. According to US Census Bureau projections, the number of Americans who are 65 and older will double to 88.5 million between 2010 and 2050. Yet despite […]

The Cities Leading A U.S. Manufacturing Revival

At Guardian Business Solutions we see first hand the resurgence of manufacturing in the U.S.  Industrial employment has surged over the past five years, adding over 855,000 new jobs. Each day we help manufacturing companies streamline processes, control inventory, reduce costs, increase profitability and gain a competitive advantage. To learn more about the the cities […]